Just Walk Away

4 thoughts on “Just Walk Away”

  1. This is so right and so much the opposite of what we are told on a daily basis. To think that the excuse of trying to get to the bottom of your feelings is actually self indulgent and a trap is very liberating. Thanks for the post. 🙂


    1. Glad it was freeing to you! That’s my heart…to share what God is teaching me so that it can bring life to others as well. 🙂 He’s a good and patient teacher.


  2. How exciting! As members of Crossroad’s, we want to follow your walk of fith. Our family will be soon moving to Sebring Fl. A time to “retire” with our adopted granddaughter. May God lead and bless you, The Carlson’s – Russ, Cindy, and Olivia.


    1. Thank you so much Russ & Cindy! Our Crossroads family means so much to us. How soon are you moving to Sebring? Time to Revive is in Sarasota now for reviveFLORIDA, and we’re hoping the desire will be there for it to spread to other areas of the state. Maybe we’ll get to meet up with you in Florida! 🙂


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