2 thoughts on “2015 Year in Review”

  1. Hello Betsy,

    I just read your Christmas letter. What an exciting time for your family. Albeit a little scary at times. To see how Gods plan unfolds in our lives is always exciting. I recall the moment I heard God speak to my heart about working in childrens ministry before we left Illinois. I kept thinking, how impractical it sounded. How in the world would I work in childrens ministry? I had no child of my own, I was suffering from debilitating panic attacks and I was moving to another state. And yet, by the time Olivia was 5 years old, he started opening the doors of ministry and w/the exception of 18 months when He closed that door temporarily for a time of refreshing and teaching, He has continued to open doors these past 17 years. And I am always keenly aware that I am exactly where He wants me for that moment in time.

    God bless you all as you follow His leading and I’ll be praying for peace for your heart as you walk this path He has chosen for you.

    Keep in touch when you can.

    Merry Christmas!!



    1. Margo, thank you for your encouraging words! You and Brian have been such a support to our family over the years. We appreciate you both so much…


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